Power. Performance. Propulsion.
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Introducing  a product literally beyond belief. The EGO ARC is the world's first completely electric hover car powered  by EGO 56v ARC Lithium Batteries - the same technology powering all EGO products.


Acceleration 0-100 mph
2.0 sec
Top Speed
Over 200 mph
Mile Range
565 miles
Pilot + Co-Pilot
2-Stage Turbo Boost Jet Turbine
3.3 KW/Hr Peak Power
Recharge time
30 min

A dream realized

Our research & development division was founded on the engineering of commercial–facing outdoor power equipment technology.

All roads have lead to this

EGO LABS has created a vehicle of unbelievable capability– on road and off. Take your next adventure to places in your wildest imagination.

Power without limits

Every single element of the The ARC was designed to deliver the extraordinary speed and exceptional handling found only in high-performance aircraft.

Peak Power+ technology

Peak Power+™ Technology combines the power 16 EGO 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries to deliver unreal power and performance.


Your future has arrived

EGO LABS presents The ARC– an inevitable conclusion born from the pursuit of innovation.

Propel into a new experience

EGO LABS has spent years producing devices engineered for movement. We've continued to raise the bar in this field, creating accomplishments that have lead to the ARC.

Incredible innovation

The ARC is a technological marvel inside and out. Stay connected to your devices with the EGO LABS smart pairing system.


One-of-a-kind performance

EGO LABS has recruited  best aeronautical engineers in the world to develop the technology not just to push the envelope– but to go way beyond.

Control like never before.

A technological marvel. 360-degree radius control with collision feedback offers a pro level experience on or off the road.

Designed for the future

Exterior design combines an iconic look with proportions intended for maximum velocity and style.

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